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Where to Stay? Unique Japanese Accommodation

Congresos Ryokan Unique Japanese Accommodation

Where to Stay? Unique Japanese Accommodation

  Visiting Japan offers each guest not only a wonderful variety of accommodations but offers each traveller the opportunity to experience daily life in Japan as you immerse yourself in the culture, tradition and innovation that is uniquely Japan.

Below are some unique Japanese accommodation styles. Find one that best fits your travel plans and needs!




A Ryokan is a Japanese style Inn which is adorned with accompaniments reflecting the traditional culture of Japan. Guests can experience the unique features of Tatami (straw mat) flooring and sleeping on a Futon (bedding) directly on the Tatami floor. Often a Ryokan will also offer Onsen (natural hot spring bath) for its guests to enjoy.

Most Ryokan frequently serve Kaiseki cuisine (Japanese traditional multi course menu) using local fresh ingredients as well as a typical Japanese style breakfast. Some Ryokan offer in-room dining for those that want to fully relax and appreciate this wonderful tradition.

Additionally, a hot spring bath, normally a large indoor bath or an open-air bath providing spectacular views, is often part of the Ryokan experience.

Ryokan may difficult to find in Tokyo as they are typically located in scenic areas, such as in the mountains or by the sea. If you are looking to find a Ryokan in a major city, Kyoto is your best bet. Ryokan range in price and appearance from basic to luxury where you are guaranteed to experience the best in Japanese hospitality.

Machiya Residence Inn



A Machiya is a traditional wooden townhouse and many have been converted to restaurants, shops and vacation rentals that offer an ideal place to stay if you are looking to enjoy more of a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

A Machiya style house is usually renovated to meet modern needs as well as providing a cozy, traditional atmosphere. Ideal for couples, families or groups of friends, Machciya are equipped to accommodate the needs of both short-term and long-term stays in Japan. Often guests can rent out the entire house.

A Machiya offers style as well as history. From antique furniture to sophisticated architecture, enjoy the beauty and traditional ambience associated with staying in a Machiya Rental.




Shukubo is a temple lodging accommodation and it is ideal for worshippers wishing to visit temples. Shukubo are usually located within the temple grounds. The facilities are basic and normally offer a shared bathroom. Shukubo lodging offers simplicity with vegetarian cuisine and the chance to join early-morning Buddhist services or Zazen meditation. Soak up the spiritual ambience offered by staying in a Shukubo.


There is a smart way to stay in Japan at a budget price. Japan's new home-sharing law is in place as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics approach. “Minpaku”, or private temporary lodging, introduces tourists to a variety of accommodation styles in Japan such as a traditional farm house, residential house or simple apartment style.

As you plan your dream vacation to Japan, make sure you consider not only your choice of destinations, but the many culturally experiential accommodation options you have that are uniquely Japan.

For more information, please visit here.

For new home sharing law, please visit here.

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